In addition to the standard labelling requirements, labels for antibiotic products should include the following information, where applicable.

Long-acting oxytetracycline products

The following critical comments must appear below the ‘Directions for use’ heading of the label:

Injections should be given in the neck region.
Injection site volumes should not exceed 10 mL per site.
Treated animals should be clearly identified in such a way that they will maintain their treatment identity during the withholding period.

Gentamicin products

All gentamicin products are to include the following ‘Restraint’ statement. This should be placed immediately below the ‘Directions for use’ heading.

DO NOT USE in animals that may be used for human consumption.

If a product is to be registered for use in horses, the following ‘Restraint’ statement is appropriate:

DO NOT USE in horses that may be used for human consumption.

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