Registrations and Permits

Australian law requires all agricultural and veterinary chemical products sold in Australia to be registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

Once a product is registered, it is approved for the purposes and uses stated on the product’s label.

Situations often arise where chemicals are needed for a use not specified on the label, these are often termed ‘off-label’ uses. The APVMA considers applications for permits that allow for the legal use of chemicals in ways different from those set out on the product label. In certain circumstances, the limited use of an unregistered chemical may also be allowed by permit.

Chemical product registration

How to register your agvet chemical product – Before an agricultural or veterinary chemical product can be legally supplied, sold, or used in Australia it must be registered by the APVMA.

Data guidelines

Select from a comprehensive list of APVMA data guidelines.

Labelling codes

Select from the APVMA labelling codes for agricultural or veterinary chemical products.


How to apply for a permit – Permits allow for the use of chemicals in a way that is contrary to the label instructions or other approved uses.

Manufacturing licence applications

How to apply for a manufacturing licence – Includes details of the licensing process, application fees and our audit process and demonstrating compliance with the Australian codes of Good Manufacturing Practice.

Import and export

The APVMA oversees certain aspects of the importation and exportation of agvet chemicals.

Holders and nominated agents

A holder is the person entered in the APVMA's file as the holder of an active constituent approval, agvet chemical product registration, label approval, permit approval or manufacturing licence. A nominated agent can act on behalf of the holder.

Pre-application assistance

Pre-application assistance can help you put together your application to ensure it meets all the various requirements of the process.

Applying for a label approval

From 1 January 2015 the distinguishing name for a product no longer has to be the same name on the product container label and multiple labels can be approved for one product.

Technical assessment

An applicant may apply for a technical assessment to make it easier to make an application later.

Other Australian Government requirements

Australian Government departments and agencies other than the APVMA may have requirements relating to agvet chemicals.

Limits on use and disclosure of information

The APVMA can use information obtained by it from any source for the purpose of performing any of its functions or exercising any of its powers under the Agvet Code and the Agvet Code Regulations.

Seek review of a decision

If you are unsatisfied with a decision made by the APVMA, you may be able to seek review of the decision. Learn more about the process.

Application summaries

The APVMA publishes an application summary once an application has been accepted for assessment.