Science fellows

The Science Fellows program is designed to ensure that the APVMA has ready access to high-level independent advice on key scientific issues.

APVMA Science Fellows are eminent national and international scientists who have been appointed because of their recognised expertise.

They enhance the quality of science at the APVMA and help build public confidence in our work by:

  • providing advice on complex regulatory science issues
  • informing regulatory science policy
  • providing specialised scientific training to staff
  • presenting and participating at Science Fellows symposia

APVMA’s Science Fellows are:

Fellow Area Expertise
Dr Andrew Hewitt Pesticides Spray drift science and control
Dr Rai Kookana Environmental toxicology
Professor Stephen Powles Herbicide resistance mechanisms
Professor Brian Priestly Toxicology of pesticides and of mixtures
Professor Bernard Stewart Carcinogenicity and risk communication
Professor Mary Barton Veterinary Medicines Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance
Professor Glenn Browning Veterinary vaccinology
Professor Colin Chapman Pharmaceutical sciences
Professor Terry O’Neill Statistics
Professor Nicholas Sangster Veterinary parasitology
Professor Ted Whittem Veterinary pharmacology
Professor Philip Burcham Nanoscience

In response to the growing use of nanotechnologies the APVMA has also appointed four Fellows in Nanoscience. These internationally recognised experts provide high level advice to the APVMA on scientific and regulatory developments globally in this emerging field.

APVMA’s Fellows in Nanoscience are:

Fellow Expertise
Professor Michael Roberts Public health (toxicology)
Professor Mike McLaughlin Environmental health (ecological toxicity and fate)
Professor Kenneth Dawson

Bio-nanoscience (interactions of nanoparticles with living systems)


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