Using veterinary chemical products

The Agvet Code provides for you, as a registered veterinarian, to undertake certain actions that would otherwise not be approved under the legislation. These actions are permitted as long as they are undertaken for the treatment of an ‘animal under a veterinarian’s care’ and authorised under your state or territory – and other Australian Government – legislation.

Parts of the Agvet Code apply directly to veterinarians – make sure you understand them.

As a veterinarian, you are responsible for making professional judgments about the best – and most effective – treatment for an animal under your care. Under certain circumstances, the Code permits you to:

  • obtain, import or manufacture veterinary chemicals not currently registered in Australia
  • prepare a different pack size from what is generally supplied
  • make different treatment recommendations from the label instructions.

When treating an animal with a chemical, it is important to understand your responsibilities in maintaining maximum residue limits (MRLs) in food-producing animals. The product label will state the withholding period – if there is one – between treating a food-producing animal and sending it to market.

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