Annual Report 2013–14—Appendix B Liaison committees

Registration Liaison Committee

The Registration Liaison Committee (RLC) is a consultative forum for the APVMA, representatives of the state and territory signatories of the National Registration Scheme (NRS) for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals, and other relevant Australian Government agencies.

The RLC is a forum for the development and operational coordination of the NRS, and for consultation on the development of operational policies, guidelines and protocols in both the APVMA and the signatory organisations. The RLC allows for effective alignment of the agricultural and veterinary chemical control objectives of the APVMA, and the states and territories.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference of the RLC are to:

  • align the outputs of the APVMA's registration processes and the chemical management objectives of the states and territories
  • develop operational policies for the operation of the NRS, including those dealing with registration (including labelling), regulation, and appropriate use of agricultural and veterinary chemicals
  • provide feedback on state and territory views on these issues, and particularly their impact on chemical users and the responsibilities of regulators
  • address specific operating policy issues, as necessary
  • provide input to operational planning priorities
  • provide input to existing chemical review priorities.

Meetings and attendance

RLC meetings were held in Canberra in October 2013 and March 2014. Attendance at RLC meetings is shown in Table B1.

Table B1 Attendance at Registration Liaison Committee meetings, 2013–14
Representative Member organisation Meetings eligible to attend Meetings attended
Kareena Arthy (Chair in October 2013) APVMA 2 1
Raj Bhula (Chair in March 2014) APVMA 1 1
David Power ACT Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate 2 1
Joanna Montague
Lina Tze
Roisin Mortimer
Australian Government Department of Agriculture 1
Ami Ward
Liz Paul
Australian Government Department of the Environment 1
Christopher Lee
Matthew Pitt
Australian Government Department of Health, Office of Chemical Safety 2
Jenene Kidston New South Wales Department of Primary Industries 2 2
Andy Hawkins New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage 2 2
Maree Zinzley
Glen Bradbury
New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industriesa 2
Andrew Tomkins Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries 2 0
Dick Watts
Russel Scholl
Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2
Kent Andrew South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regions 2 2
Stuart Bowman Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment 2 1
Sue Duncan
George Downing
Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries 2
Chris Sharpe Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Food 2 2
Martin Matisons Western Australian Department of Health 2 2

a Observer organisation

Issues considered

RLC agendas provide for updates on participating agencies' operational activities, consultation, and consideration of topical issues and projects.

In 2013–14, the APVMA provided the committee with operational reports, including reports on pesticides and veterinary medicines registration, permits and minor use activities, adverse experience reporting, compliance, and chemical review matters.

The states and territories, the APVMA, Australian Government partners and New Zealand observers reported on topics including legislative and policy developments, control of use, and regulatory activity within their jurisdictions.

The RLC considered a range of matters, including:

  • operational policy relating to service provision agreements
  • the progress of chemical reviews
  • permits and minor use issues
  • compliance activities, and operational policy in relation to information sharing on compliance and enforcement matters
  • labelling issues, including the development of label approval procedures and electronic templates for submitting label information for approval
  • legislative changes relating to processes for setting maximum residue limits
  • preparation for implementation of legislative reforms, including supporting tools and resources.


In 2013–14, the RLC received external presentations from:

  • Grain Producers Australia and Crop Protection Australia on preparations for the developing mouse plague in South Australia
  • Plant Health Australia on the work of the National Working Party on Pesticide Application, including the International Workshop on Pesticide Application held in Brisbane in June 2014
  • Australian Environmental Agency Pty Ltd on a proposed new risk assessment methodology for estimating aquatic exposure resulting from pesticide run-off.

Declarations of interest

No conflicts of interest that would conflict with the proper performance of the RLC's functions were declared at any meeting in 2013–14.

Manufacturers' Licensing Scheme Industry Liaison Committee

The APVMA established the Manufacturers' Licensing Scheme Industry Liaison Committee (MLSILC) to provide a forum to discuss strategic and operational issues relating to the Manufacturers' Licensing Scheme and the Overseas Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Scheme with industry representatives and auditors.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference of the MLSILC are to:

  • obtain the views of industry members and auditors on issues of an operational, technical or strategic nature
  • advance the development and review of operating procedures, manufacturing standards and guidelines relevant to the Australian Manufacturers' Licensing Scheme and the Overseas GMP Scheme
  • provide industry input into APVMA operational planning processes relating to manufacturing issues
  • identify opportunities for regulatory reform within the existing framework
  • consider the impact of proposed policy changes on APVMA operations, and implications for industry
  • facilitate communication with industry and other stakeholders.

Meetings and attendance

The committee met three times in 2013–14: in September and November 2013, and April 2014.

Membership and attendance at MLSILC meetings are shown in Table B2.

Table B2 Manufacturers' Licensing Scheme Industry Liaison Committee meetings, 2013–14
Representative Member organisation Meetings eligible to attend Meetings attended
Bruce Johnson (Chair)
Kathryn Winterton
Suzanne Stokes (Secretary)
Matthew Sherriff Animal Medicines Australia Ltd (formerly Animal Health Alliance [Australia] Ltd) 3 3
Ian Wheatley Auditors' representative 3 3
John Aird Feed Ingredients and Additives Association of Australia 3 3
Bill Blackhall Veterinary Manufacturers and Distributors Association 3 3

Issues considered

Issues considered in 2013–14 included:

  • progress with auditing and licensing of veterinary medicine product manufacturers
  • progress with development of risk-based systems for scheduling audits and quantifying audit outcomes
  • review of 'release for supply' arrangements with third-party toll manufacturers
  • updates on APVMA regulatory reform activities
  • recognition of the Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures accreditation
  • management and monitoring of inspections of Australian veterinary manufacturers by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), conducted under a memorandum of understanding between the APVMA and the TGA
  • monitoring progress of the Mutual Recognition Agreement between Australia and the European Community.

Declarations of interest

No matters were declared by any member of the MLSILC that would give rise to any personal material conflict of interest.

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