About the APVMA

About us

Information about the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), including an overview of our role and responsibilities, organisational structure, legislative framework and cost recovery arrangements.

Access to information held by the APVMA

There are 2 ways to request information from the APVMA – through Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code requests or Freedom of Information requests.

Accountability and reporting

Information about the APVMA's corporate and financial reporting.

Agvet chemical regulation

The basic guide to how agvet chemical products are regulated in Australia.


Apply for a job with the APVMA and learn more about the benefits of working for Australia's agvet chemical regulator.

Communication and decision making

Information about how we make regulatory decisions and ensure transparency in our activities.


Information about how the APVMA collaborates on international assessments and our activities with international and overseas organisations.

Our website and your privacy

Information about your privacy when using our website.

Stakeholder engagement

Information about how we collaborate and liaise with stakeholders.

Use of agvet chemicals in Australia

Who to contact about the use of agvet chemicals in Australia.

Your feedback will be submitted to the APVMA anonymously. If you require a response, please contact us.