Public consultation

We publish information for public consultation on the APVMA website and in the Commonwealth of Australia Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Gazette.

Trade Advice Notice

For certain applications, we prepare a Trade Advice Notice where a proposed change in the use of a registered product has the potential to affect Australia's trade. It provides a summary of the APVMA’s residue and trade assessment.

Trade Advice Notices are published on the public consultation page on APVMA’s website where the public is invited to comment on the trade implications of a proposed use of a registered product. The APVMA communicates the opportunity for consultation by writing to relevant stakeholders and including a notice in the APVMA’s online newsletter, Regulatory Update. Submissions must be lodged within 28 days from when relevant stakeholders are advised of the consultation opportunity. Only comments relating to the legislative grounds for the assessment, which are the trade implications of the use of the product are considered before a decision is made register the use.

Notice in the Commonwealth of Australia Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Gazette

The APVMA will publish in the Gazette a Notice for a New Active Constituent or New Product Containing a New Active Constituent before deciding whether to approve an application of this type.

The notice will include the following information:

  • that the APVMA has to decide whether to approve the constituent
  • the name of the constituent or the name that the applicant intends to use to describe the product
  • particulars of the constituent or the particulars of the product and its active constituents
  • a summary of our assessment of whether the constituent meets the safety criteria or the product meets the safety criteria, the trade criteria and the efficacy criteria
  • any other matters that we think appropriate
  • an invitation for any person to make, within a specified period of at least 28 days, a written submission as to whether the constituent or product should be approved or registered and a statement of the grounds on which the submission is based (which must be grounds that relate to the statutory criteria).

To protect your privacy, please do not include contact information in your feedback. If you would like a response, please contact us.