Enforceable directions

Enforceable directions are written notices issued to a person or other entity suspected of non-compliance.

The notice directs the person to take steps, within the time specified in the notice, to comply with the Agvet Code. It may require them to take action, or cease a particular action, in order to comply with the legislation.

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) issues enforceable directions to protect people, animals, the environment and international trade.

An enforceable direction may be issued under section 145H of the Agvet Code.

Direction requirements 

The direction can require a person to do anything that is reasonable in the circumstances to achieve compliance with the Agvet Code.

Non-compliance with an enforceable direction is taken very seriously and may result in court action.

We can withdraw or cancel a direction but must inform the person involved via a written statement


Failure to comply with a direction notice is an offence under section 145H(5) of the Agvet Code.

If the APVMA incurs costs in enforcing steps listed in the direction notice, the person is liable to pay the APVMA an amount equal to the costs incurred. We can recover that amount as a debt due to the Australian Government in court.

If a person owes a debt to the APVMA, certain transactions may not be processed by the agency until the debt is settled.

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