Maintaining particulars

The APVMA records relevant particulars when an active constituent, agvet product or label is approved or registered.

It is a requirement that the APVMA maintain a record of relevant particulars, in addition to the Record of Approved Active Constituents for Chemical Products and the Register of Agricultural and Veterinary Chemical Products.

Variation of particulars

Holders and nominated agents

A holder or nominated agent can make an application to vary the relevant particulars or conditions of an approval or registration at any time. A holder can also make an application to change the approval or registration to a different holder or nominated agent.

The holder or nominated agent must notify us in writing within 28 days of becoming aware of any inaccurately recorded relevant particulars or conditions that relate to an approval or registration. Failure to do so is an offence. Once notified, we will correct the entry in the Record, Register or relevant APVMA file.

The Agvet Code allows us to vary the relevant particulars or conditions entered into the Record or Register. We can only vary the details if they are incorrect and relate to:

  • the signal words required by the current Poisons Schedules in relation to the approved label
  • the street or postal address for the holder or the nominated agent.

You should also notify us in writing if you—or your nominated agent’s—details change. For example, a change of contact person, telephone number or email address.

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