Chemical class Organophosphate foliar insecticide
Chemical Structure Chemical structure of Acephate
CAS Number 30560-19-1
Mode of action 1B – Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
Target pests Various insect pests
Hosts Bananas, crucifers, macadamias, ornamentals, potatoes, tomatoes and tobacco crops
Formulations Granular, soluble powder, dry flowable and water soluble granules
Home garden use No
No of Australian Approvals and Registrations 8 active constituents, 7 products
Poison schedule Schedule 6
Australian Health-based guidance values

ADI: 0.003 mg/kg bw per day (1988)

No Australian ARfD established

Key issues

  • Neurotoxicity potential needs to be more fully investigated.  
  • Concerns about acute risk to children and young adults from residues in some vegetables.
  • Preliminary dietary exposure estimates indicate an exceedance of the Australian ADI – there is no scope to consider additional commodities via future MRL requests.

Stakeholder perspective

  • Of high Importance for pest management in Macadamia orchards and several vegetable crops.
  • Alternatives to acephate are available.

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