Chemical class Triazinone
Chemical Structure Chemical structure of Hexazinone
CAS Number 51235-04-2
Mode of action C – Inhibitors of photosynthesis at photosystem II (PS II inhibitors)
Target pests Numerous annual and perennial broad-leaf weeds, grasses, woody weeds, small trees (various spp.) and vines
Formulations Soluble concentrates, water soluble granules, granular, aqueous concentrates, water dispersible granules, wettable powder, and dry flowable
Home garden use No
No of Australian Approvals and Registrations 11 active constituents, 49 products
Poison schedule

Schedule 5

Hexazinone in preparations containing 25 per cent or less of hexazinone.

Schedule 6

Hexazinone except when included in Schedule 5.
Australian Health-based guidance values

ADI: 0.1 mg/kg bw per day (1987)

No Australian ARfD established

Key issue

  • Potential for environmental impact from run-off, particularly with respect to use on sugarcane.

Stakeholder perspective

  • Effective herbicide against hard-to-kill weeds in forestry.
  • It is also important in turf management.

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