Advisory Board Communiqué—28 April 2014

The APVMA advisory board met in Canberra on 28 April 2014.

The meeting focussed on the preparations to implement the agricultural and veterinary chemicals legislation on 1 July 2014 and addressing the outcomes of consultations about the regulatory guidelines.

Legislation and Regulatory Guidelines

The advisory board was briefed on progress towards implementing the legislation and the outcomes of consultation on the regulatory guidelines.

The advisory board noted and discussed the range of matters arising from the consultations concerning content and navigation, business processes, terminology, information technology tools and training.

The advisory board said that communications with stakeholders should acknowledge the value of industry feedback to address the key issues.

The advisory board emphasised the need to ensure completeness and clarity of the regulatory guidelines information, together with navigational improvements.

The advisory board also noted and provided suggestions regarding the information technology tools being developed for 1 July 2014, providing further information about the transitional arrangements for applications and pre-application assistance, and seeking user expertise to assist with resolving content navigation and other outstanding implementation process issues.

Other issues:

The advisory board also noted:

  • the range of topics included in the agenda for the industry forum on 29 April 2014, including the long term reform agenda for the APVMA with specific focus on better alignment of regulatory burden with regulatory risk
  • members' updates on various issues.

The next meeting will be in Canberra on 25 August 2014.

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