Vision, mission and purpose


Australians have confidence that agricultural and veterinary chemicals are safe to use.


To protect the health and safety of Australia—its people, animals and environment—and support Australian agriculture by taking a scientific and risk-based approach to regulating agricultural and veterinary chemicals.


The APVMA is the Australian government statutory authority responsible for the assessment and registration of pesticides and veterinary medicines, and for their regulation up to and including the point of retail sale. It sits within the portfolio of the Minister for Agriculture.

The APVMA is responsible for administering and managing the National Registration Scheme for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals, which sets out the regulatory framework for the management of pesticides and veterinary medicines in Australia.

The APVMA administers the scheme’s legislation in partnership with state and territory governments and with the active involvement of other Australian government agencies.

The role of the APVMA is to independently evaluate the safety and performance of pesticides and veterinary medicines intended for sale, ensuring that the health and safety of people, animals and crops, the environment and trade are protected. All registered products must be shown to be safe for people and the environment. Registered products must also not unduly jeopardise Australia’s trade with other nations.

The APVMA monitors the market to provide assurance that only those products that meet the APVMA’s requirements are being supplied. The APVMA also reviews registered chemical products to ensure that they continue to meet contemporary high standards.

The states and territories are responsible for regulating and managing the use of pesticides and veterinary medicines once they are sold.

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