Case Study–Brevis (metamitron) approved ahead of time

In August 2017, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) commenced assessment of an application from Adama Global to register the product Brevis, which is a thinning agent for apple and pears.

Thinning is used by apple and pear producers to maintain consistent annual production of high quality and optimal sized fruits. Brevis’ active ingredient, metamitron, disrupts plant photosynthesis to remove excess fruitlets, which results in increased fruit size and yield. Before the product was available, thinning was a labour intensive activity that consumed producer resources and added to their bottom line.

Adama liaised with us to find out how they could best lodge their registration application to meet the regulatory requirements for their product to be successfully registered.

The product was originally registered overseas in 2013. This meant overseas data and assessments from trusted overseas regulators were available.

Adama was able to provide overseas assessments for the chemistry, toxicology, residues, work health and safety, and environment modules. However, local data were used for the efficacy module to ensure the product worked effectively under Australian conditions.

Supported by overseas assessments and a well-developed application, Brevis was approved in 12 months, 13-months ahead of legislated (extended) timeframe for this application.

Brevis is now registered in 23 countries worldwide, including Australia, with other key apple and pear markets to follow in the coming years.

Australia's apple and pear producers had access to an innovative agvet product one season early.

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