I want to vary the use of a product to include a new crop, animal species or situation

Varying the use of an agricultural or veterinary chemical product to include a new use is also known as an ‘extension of use’. This variation is made via:

  • Item 11 – full assessment fixed fee application
  • Item 12 – no data of a technical nature is required—this application type is used when risks are equivalent to a registered product not subject to data protection
  • Item 14 – technical modular application—all applications not described in any of items 11 to 13A.

Most ‘extension of use’ variations are likely to be made as Item 14 applications.

This guidance does not consider an extension of use where the variation is to extend the use from commercial use to domestic use in the home or home garden.

Definitions for food crop, non-food crop, non-food situations, food-producing animal species, and non-food producing animal species (companion animals) are listed in the APVMA’s Definition of terms.

Note: Food producing crops include any crop that is consumed in Australia by humans or livestock. This includes pasture and forage crops which are grown specifically for the purpose of being grazed.

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Please note: the fees referenced in this tailored guidance take effect from 1 July 2020. For a list of fees and charges up to 30 June 2020, please view the timeframe and fees section on our website.