I want an additional marketing name for my existing registered product

A registered chemical product can be marketed under more than one product name. The approval of an additional marketing name is processed as an Item 10A. There is no technical assessment and no data is required. This application type can only be submitted by the holder of the existing product.

  • An Item 10A application is for an approval of an additional marketing label for a registered product.
  • It is not a new product registration (repack) or a label variation.
  • It will not get a new product number.

The new label must be identical to the current label for the registered product apart from the following exceptions:

  • The registered product name can be replaced with the additional marketing name.
  • The label claims and instructions for use may be a subset of those on the approved label, such as a subset of the crops, animals treated and/or target pests.

The label on the existing registered chemical product should be up to date and comply with the current labelling criteria. It is worthwhile checking the label contents, including a comparison with the First aid instructions and safety directions handbook to ensure the existing label is up to date.

If you wish to apply for more than one additional marketing name you will need to lodge a separate application for each additional marketing name.


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