About the application process

The diagram below depicts the application process for changing a holder or nominated agent. An application to change the holder or nominated agent must be made through the APVMA portal. In order to gain access to the portal you will need to submit an APVMA online system new user access form. This form can be found at portal.apvma.gov.au. This form needs to be completed and emailed to enquiries@apvma.gov.au.

 After being lodged the application will move through to evaluation, which may involve clarification of the information provided; a decision can then be made as to whether to refuse it or grant it, making the necessary changes to the Record (active constituents) or Register (products) and the relevant APVMA file. The applicant may withdraw their application at any time prior to the application being determined.


The APVMA has one month from when the application is lodged to consider and make a decision in relation to your application to change a holder or nominated agent.

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