Product registration

The Hendra virus vaccine was registered on 4 August 2015. Details about the registered product, including the approved label are on the APVMA chemicals database. The product number is 68996.

Prior to its registration the vaccine was made available for use in Australia in 2012 under an APVMA permit. The permit was issued as an additional tool to biosecurity measures in response to the increase in Hendra virus cases at the time. This permit is no longer in use as the product is now registered.

About the Hendra virus vaccine product

Equivac® HeV virus vaccine is a 1mL vaccine that is injected intramuscularly in horses. Equivac® HeV virus vaccine is a ‘subunit’ vaccine, meaning it contains only a small part of the protein from the virus surface. It does not contain the virus. The active constituent is the G-Protein (sG) of Hendra virus.

Duration of immunity

The previously approved instructions for the product indicated that a booster dose of the vaccine is required every 6 months. The APVMA has now approved a variation application to extend the duration of immunity to 12 months. The data provided with the variation application demonstrated that horses vaccinated with the product developed immunity for up to 12 months.

Mandatory vaccination

Mandatory vaccination requirements put in place in the equine industry, event organisers and by some veterinarians are outside the scope and jurisdiction of the APVMA—they are not requirements of the APVMA.

The APVMA’s role is very specific in terms of assessing whether the vaccine is safe to use and is effective.

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