APVMA draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement

This consultation closed on 8 September 2022

Consultation period

11 August 2022 to 8 September 2022


The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) is seeking feedback on its draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS). The draft CRIS outlines the fees and levies for recovering costs associated with the APVMA’s regulatory activities. Submissions should be emailed to costrecovery@apvma.gov.au by 5 pm 8 September 2022.

As part of the changes to be implemented in the CRIS, the APVMA is proposing revisions to the module descriptors, along with changes to the associated timeframes and fees for the technical modules. The APVMA is also proposing to implement formal cost and time savings for the use of relevant international assessments.


In accordance with Australian Government policy, the APVMA charges for the efficient costs of the regulatory services it provides. Applicants pay fees for the APVMA to evaluate their applications, and registrants pay a levy based on the wholesale value of chemical products sold.

The current APVMA cost recovery arrangements were last revised in 2019.

The APVMA is committed to working with industry and stakeholders to identify cost recovery arrangements that are fair, equitable and transparent – and which provide certainty and sustainability for both our stakeholders and the APVMA.


The draft CRIS proposes future cost recovery arrangements for the APVMA. It focuses on ensuring appropriate and sustainable revenue to enable efficient and effective administration of agvet chemical regulation.

Submissions received to the draft CRIS will be considered in the preparation of the final CRIS which will be presented to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator the Hon Murray Watt. The draft CRIS has been developed in line with the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines and feedback from stakeholder representatives over the financial year 2021–22.

Invitation for submissions

The APVMA invites written submissions from industry and other interested parties.

Please note: submissions will be published on the APVMA’s website, unless you have asked for the submission to remain confidential, or if the APVMA chooses at its discretion not to publish any submissions received (refer to the public consultation coversheet).

Please lodge your submission using the public consultation coversheet, which provides options for how your submission will be published.

Note that all APVMA documents are subject to the access provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 and may be required to be released under that Act should a request for access be made.

Please send your written submission and coversheet by email to costrecovery@apvma.gov.au by 5 pm 8 September 2022.

Submissions received

The APVMA sought comments from interested stakeholders on our draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS), in a consultation that closed on 8 September 2022. Three submissions were received from industry groups.

A copy of the submissions, where consent to publish was provided, is available on our website.

Consultation feedback

We have completed our review of the submissions and the CRIS 1 February 2023 has been published.

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