Other products that don't require registration

Other products excluded by the Agvet Code Regulations or that don’t require registration are:

Colour intensifiers for aviary birds

Colour intensifiers for use in aviary birds are excluded by the Regulations and do not require registration.

Bitterant products applied to buildings or equipment

Bitterant products (typically containing denatonium benzoate) do not require registration when applied to buildings or equipment (including cages, yards, stable buildings, animal rugs and non-medicated bandages) for the sole purpose of reducing or preventing biting or chewing by non-food-producing animals. This does not apply to bitterants that contain antiseptics, antimicrobials, antibiotics or other active constituents, or that make any other claims.

To be excluded, the products must only be applied to buildings or equipment. They should not use the heading ‘For animal treatment only’ or the heading ‘Active constituents’ on their labels or promotional material, and their label should contain the statements: ‘Bitterant product for application to buildings or equipment’ and ‘DO NOT administer or apply to animals’.

Autograft, allograft and xenograft products

Autograft, allograft and xenograft products that are supplied to registered veterinarians for surgical procedures do not require registration. This excludes blood and stem cell products.

Sperm and ova products including semen extenders

Products do not require registration if they are used as sperm or ova or semen extenders and contain no ingredients other than antibiotics at concentrations equal to or less than 0.1 milligram per millilitre (or milligram per gram), albumins, electrolytes, amino acids, EDT, buffers or stabilising agents.


Diluents that are not sold with a product and that contain only sterile water, or that are neither referred to on the label of a registered product nor refer to a registered product on their label, do not require registration.

Diluents that do not comply with the above criteria will require registration.

Diagnostic substance

Diagnostic substances that are not administered or applied to an animal – for example, substances used to test blood samples for toxins, parasites or enzyme levels – do not require registration.

Diagnostic substances that are administered or applied to an animal, such as tuberculin or an allergenic extract, will require registration.

Products excluded by the 2015 stock and pet food reforms

Reforms came into effect on 5 March 2015 that excluded certain animal feeds, for both stock and companion animals, from the scope of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority's regulation. These products, which are referred to as ‘excluded nutritional or digestive products’, will not require registration.

To be excluded under the 2015 reforms, an animal feed product must be one that is fed to, and voluntarily consumed by an animal and must meet certain requirements for ingredients, claims, labelling and manufacture. These requirements are summarised here. You can also use the veterinary registration self-assessment tool for guidance on whether an animal feed requires registration.

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