Registration self-assessment tool (veterinary)

This self-assessment tool will help you to work out whether your product may need to be registered as a veterinary product under the Agvet Code. It will help you decide whether to make an application for registration or apply for an assessment from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to determine whether your product requires registration. It will take about 10 minutes to complete and you will be able to download a PDF document when you’ve completed all the questions. This PDF download should be kept for your records.

To answer the questions in the self-assessment tool, you need to know the:

  • health benefit or pest control claims of your product
  • purpose or function of your product.

This information may be found in the advertising claims for your product or in its use patterns, or it might be found by referring to the product manufacturing process. To help you answer all the questions, you will need a:

  • copy of the product label
  • list of the product ingredients.

This registration self-assessment tool and user guide replace the previous process of making an enquiry to the APVMA via the downloadable document, Does your product require registration? We will no longer accept requests for advice using this format and process. We recommend you read the User guide: What is or isn’t a veterinary product before completing the self-assessment tool.

If you have difficulty completing the self-assessment tool or want to be certain about whether your product requires registration, you should apply for an APVMA technical assessment of the label, claims, formulation and proposed or intended uses of your product using the Item 25 application process. Unless we grant a formal exemption or a permit, it is an offence under the Agvet Code to supply a chemical product that is not a registered chemical product where it is required by law to be registered. Monetary penalties apply.

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