Import and export

Only registered products and approved active constituents can be imported without the need for further approval. The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) may authorise the importation of unregistered and unapproved agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals.

Australian exporters of unregistered agvet chemical products and unapproved active constituents require an export permit from the APVMA to legalise possession of these products or actives in Australia for the purpose of export.

Australian exporters of agvet chemical products and active constituents may also be required to obtain a certificate of export from the APVMA before other countries will accept the importation of these products.

Importing agricultural chemicals or veterinary medicines

There are strict rules around importing chemical products into Australia. Learn more about what is required to gain consent to import a chemical product.

Export permits

Export permit applications are made under an Item 19 and are issued to legalise the possession of an unregistered product or unapproved active constituent.

Export certificates

Before accepting exports of a chemical product from Australia, many countries require an assurance from the government authority responsible for regulating the product in Australia.

Consent to import chemical products

Import Consents are issued to allow importation in limited circumstances.

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