Using chemicals

Many people use agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals on a regular basis while others use them rarely. No matter how often you use chemical products, or which ones you use, the important thing to remember is to follow the safety and use directions as these are designed to protect people, animals, crops and the environment – as well as Australia’s trade interests.

The safety and use directions on the label are designed to reduce risks to the user by minimising exposure.

Information for farmers

Spray drift, maximum residue levels and other aspects relevant to chemical users on farms.

Information for veterinarians

Information for veterinarians using, importing, storing and manufacturing veterinary chemicals (medicines).

Choosing a chemical

Finding registered chemicals and permits to suit your needs, importing chemicals legally and applying for permits.

Understanding pesticide chemical labels

Understanding information on pesticide labels, such as warnings, first aid, storage, disposal—and the safety and use directions.

Concerns about chemicals

Chemicals and safety, reporting non-compliance or adverse reactions and APVMA chemical reviews.

Using chemicals correctly

Workplace health and safety, protective clothing, spraying chemicals, pool chemicals and using veterinary medicines.

Spray drift

Information for farmers on chemical drift (spray drift), including when to spray, how much and spray drift operating principals.

Emerging technologies

This webpage is intended to serve as a point of reference for stakeholders with an interest in emerging technologies.

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