Renew a registration

Renewals of registration

The holder of a registration may apply to renew their registration each financial year. The renewal application must be made no later than one month before the registration ends. However, if the product’s initial registration occurs in June, a renewal application must still be made before the registration ends (within its first month of registration), though a late fee will not apply.

In certain circumstances and upon payment of a late fee, a late application may be accepted. Failure to provide a renewal application by the due date results in the cancellation of the registration of the product. A reminder to renew a product registration will be sent out towards the end of April each year.

A holder, or the nominated agent, may choose not to renew their registration by not making an application before the end of the financial year. Where an application to renew a registration is not made, the product registration will end.

Applying for a renewal

An application to renew a registration must be made online through the APVMA portal. The application must include the prescribed fee and state the distinguishing product number and full product name of the registration to be renewed. 

The preferred payment method for a renewal application is online through the APVMA portal using credit card or Bpay/electronic funds transfer.

There is no requirement to provide information additional to that on the approved form to renew a registration.

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