Board meeting held on 31 May 2023

The Board meet in Armidale on 30 and 31 May 2023. The first day was spent by Board members in a governance workshop, with the second day for the formal Board meeting. Board members were also delighted to have an opportunity to meet with APVMA staff during the visit, hearing about their roles and career paths and personal stories.

Board governance workshop

Board members, along with APVMA Interim Deputy CEO, Wayne Terpstra, spent 30 May in a governance workshop. It was an important opportunity for Board members to get a refresher on our obligations and duties as Board members, and in particular make sure we are well informed about the obligations, practices and challenges of Board membership in the public sector context. As public officials, it is important we stay abreast of the requirements and standards expected of us.

Strategic planning

The APVMA is currently conducting a strategic planning process that will build the steps needed to achieve our strategic vision for the organisation through a delivery plan focused out to 2030. The adoption of a Strategic Plan will enable the APMVA to prepare and position itself over a longer-term time horizon to fulfil its regulatory purpose. This will complement the existing Corporate Plan, which will remain an essential planning tool directing activities over the immediate 4-year period.

During its 31 May meeting, the Board was joined by the Executive Leadership Team, to discuss a series of strategic themes:

  • Regulation
  • People
  • Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Enabling Processes and Decision Making
  • Future Focus

It is expected the new strategic plan will be finalised in the coming weeks.

People and culture

The Board was pleased that the agency continues the work needed to build a strong workplace culture and implement workplace practices that enable a safe and positive work environment in line with the Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct. It was noted that most planned activities for 2022–23 that implement the People Strategy 2022–25 are completed or near completion.


The Board has amended the membership of the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) to add at least one Board member. This will enhance the level of alignment and integration between the Board and the ARC, as they oversee financial and performance reporting and systems of risk management and internal control for the APVMA. The Board has appointed Board member, Mrs Maree Gooch, to the ARC.

The Board is scheduled to meet next on 11 July 2023 in Canberra.

Dr Carrie Hillyard AM

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