Metham sodium, dazomet and methylisothiocyanate chemical review


Metham sodium and dazomet are dithiocarbamate pesticides used for the control of weeds, nematodes, symphylids, fungi, soil insects and other soil-borne pests.

In Australia, metham sodium and dazomet are mainly used as soil fumigants. Metham sodium is also registered for use as an inhibitor of root growth in sewer lines. Both metham sodium and dazomet break down to methylisothiocyanate (MITC), which is the pesticidally active component. MITC is a brown oily or clear yellow liquid with moderate volatility.

MITC has not been approved for use in Australia as a separate active constituent since 1990. However, it was included in this review because it is the metabolite of both metham sodium and dazomet.

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