Use of agvet chemicals in Australia

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) does not monitor or enforce the correct use of agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals.

The correct use of agvet chemicals is first and foremost the user’s responsibility. The APVMA-approved directions for use are on the label of every registered agvet product in Australia and must be followed. The incorrect use of agvet chemicals in Australia is monitored and enforced collaboratively by the police, Safe Work Australia and state and territory government authorities

The incorrect use of an agvet chemical can lead to health issues and harm pets, livestock, crops and the environment.

Furthermore, some of the approved safety and use directions on the label are legally binding – incorrect use can lead to fines, litigation and in some circumstances criminal prosecution.

If you suspect agvet chemicals are being used incorrectly or illegally, report it immediately to your state or territory government authority.

Control of use

State and territory governments are responsible for controlling the use of pesticides and veterinary medicines beyond the point of retail sale. In some states, more than one agency is involved.

Once a registered chemical product is sold or supplied to an end-user, it is controlled by state and territory legislation through legislative initiatives, codes of practice manuals, or standard operating procedures.

The following government agencies are responsible for managing the use of pesticides and veterinary medicines in each state and territory.

State/territory Agency responsible
Australian Capital Territory Access Canberra
New South Wales Environmental Protection Agency
New South Wales NSW Department of Primary Industries
Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Resources
Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
South Australia Department of Primary Industries and Regions
Tasmania Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
Victoria Agriculture Victoria
Western Australia Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
Western Australia WA Health
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