Does my agricultural product need to be registered?

When the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) refers to agricultural products, we mean those items that are defined by the legislative framework as ‘agricultural chemical products’.

Some agricultural products can be clearly and unambiguously identified as needing to be registered (for example, they may have a clear role in pest, weed or plant disease control). Likewise, for some agricultural products registration is clearly not required. For example, mould inhibitors sold for domestic use, and cut flower preservatives do not need to be registered. Nor is it necessary to register equipment and other physical devices used for pest control.

For other products, the situation is not so clear-cut. A number of factors may need to be considered to determine whether a particular agricultural product needs to be registered before it can be legally sold in Australia.

To help you work out if your product needs registration you can use our self-assessment tool. This tool provides an automated result based on the product details you enter and the legal requirements for that type of product.

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