Workplace health and safety

The APVMA undertakes a robust chemical assessment of agvet products during the registration process—including scientifically evaluating occupational health and safety (OHS) risks. The simple rule is to always follow the safety and use instructions as these are designed to reduce everybody’s exposure to a chemical product on farms and in other workplaces.

Anyone using or involved with agvet chemicals is legally required to follow some parts of the label safety and use directions. This helps reduce a user’s risk of exposure—and reduce risks to others in the workplace.

Follow the label safety and use instructions to minimise exposure—for you and your workmates

If you suspect a chemical is being used, handled, transported or stored in a different way to the safety and use directions on the label, we encourage you to report it immediately to your supervisor, the police, work health and safety regulators or your relevant state or territory government agency. This will help keep workplaces safe.

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