Improving our business

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has received Australian Government funding  to deliver a range of projects to improve the way we do business and simplify the registration process for our clients and stakeholders.

APVMA client and stakeholder survey

The 2018 APVMA client and stakeholder survey has now closed.

Thank you to all who participated.

Feedback gathered through the survey will help us improve our client service and engagement into the future.

Survey results will be published to the website in the coming months. Subscribe to our Regulatory Update to stay up to date on this important work.

Improving access to agricultural and veterinary chemicals

With a combined grant of $370 000 from the Department of Agricultural and Water Resources to improve access to agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals, we’re working with industry and other government departments to establish an official Australian crop grouping list and associated guidance and migrate some permits to labels to include additional uses.

Learn more about how you’ll benefit from our work to improve access to agvet chemicals

Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper 

We’ve been allocated $7.3 million over four years through the Australian Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper to streamline our core business activities and improve access to agvet chemicals.

We want chemical assessment and registration to be timely and efficient for everyone.

Our business improvement initiatives are about removing barriers to industry investment in the Australian market so that our primary producers have access to a wide selection of safe and effective products. 

Learn more about the work we’re doing and how you will benefit from:

Independent review of assessment performance

We’re committed to improving our performance and delivering on our legislated timeframes. To help us improve we commissioned an independent review of operational performance to identify the underlying causes for delays in assessment and registration of agricultural and veterinary chemical products, permits, and active constituents. The review was undertaken by Reason Group and a report, the Independent Review of Assessment Performance, was published in January 2018. It outlines recommendations against three broad themes: improve the use of regulatory instruments; build more efficient assessment processes; and modify legislation, cost recovery and reporting methods to better position the agency to deliver.

A summary report is also available and outlines key findings and recommendations from the review.

We have accepted all recommendations and work is underway to implement immediate priorities, including:

  • better use of legislative instruments
  • exploring earlier rejections of poor quality submissions
  • improved management of backlogs
  • lowering sign off of decisions to assessment teams

Accepting trusted international data, standards and assessments

We’re reducing regulatory burden for industry by accepting trusted international data, standards and assessments for use in our assessments for new agvet chemical applications.

Utilising relevant assessments from overseas in APVMA risk assessment means that we can deliver a decision on an agvet chemical application sooner, supporting faster time to market, providing benefits to producers and registrants.

If you’re considering submitting an international assessment with an application, contact us via our pre-application assistance (PAA) service to discuss potential time savings and work out a project plan for how we will use the assessments.

See our guidance for submitting international data, standards and assessments to learn more about the overseas data, standards and assessments we accept.

Accepting trusted international data, standards and assessments is a key initiative of the Australian Government’s Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda.

Case Study–Brevis (metamitron) approved ahead of time.

Contestability of the efficacy assessment

We’re involved in an Australian Government program aimed at finding ways to improve performance through alternative structures, processes or provider arrangements. Learn about our contestability of the efficacy assessment.

Improved access to chemicals

A project to improve farmers’ access to safe and effective agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

Listed standards for low risk products

We’re simplifying registration for some types of products by developing standards that outline our requirements for meeting the safety, efficacy, trade and labeling criteria for a chemical product.

Fast-tracking registration for simpler applications

We’re improving our processing timeframes to provide faster registration for simple applications.

Improved application pathways

Whether you’re registering a new product or making a variation, you’ll have access to current and clear guidance for that application type before you enter our online services portal.

Contestability of the efficacy assessment

A project to determine if performance can be improved through alternative structures, processes or provider arrangements.

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