External advice

We routinely use technical experts from Commonwealth, state and territory government departments to provide advice on particular aspects of agvet chemicals in determining our satisfaction against the statutory criteria:

  • for an approval, registration, or reconsideration (chemical review)
  • in considering the issuance of a permit for the supply and use of agvet chemical products.

External advice may be sought from:

  • the Chemical Assessment Section in the Department of the Environment for advice about environmental impacts of agvet chemicals
  • the Office of Chemical Safety in the Department of Health for advice about toxicity and work health and safety aspects of the use proposed
  • the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator for advice about genetically modified organisms and their products
  • Food Standards Australia New Zealand for advice about food standards and chemical residues in human food.

In addition, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) at any time may seek external expert advice from consultants recognised by the APVMA, for reviewing data or information or to provide independent advice on technical matters. Such advice may include toxicity and work health and safety aspects of the use proposed or residues of the agvet chemical in food-producing animals.

The state and territory departments of agriculture or primary industries (coordinators) or independent contract reviewers provide advice about the quality, efficacy and crop or target animal safety for agricultural or veterinary uses.

In the case of an application for permit approval, we must, unless we think it inappropriate, give the coordinator(s) a copy of the permit application and of any accompanying documents. The coordinator(s) may provide us with a recommendation as to whether the permit should be issued.

The APVMA may, as part of a risk assessment, consult with manufacturers of products subject to a permit application for minor or emergency uses.

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