Identification, applicant and nominated agent details

The following information relates to the identification, applicant and nominated agent pages in an online application.


The application type, company name and decision ID fields on this page of the online application are prepopulated. Text in these fields cannot be changed. If incorrect data is present delete this application and start a new decision tree. The company name displayed will be the company corresponding to your login. To update or change company details you need to complete and submit a change to company details form.

Distinguishing name

  • The distinguishing name is the name of your product. It does not have to be the name that appears on the label, as products can have several different label names in the market.
  • Applications to vary an existing registration/approval will have this field prepopulated.

Full product name

  • Enter the name as it is currently – or will be – written on the label.
  • Applications to change/vary an existing registration/approval will have this text field prepopulated.
  • For agricultural active constituents, if available, use the common name as given in the Australian Standard, otherwise use the current or proposed name used in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Applicant contact details

  • The fields on this page will be prepopulated with the applicant contact details provided when registering the company on the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority's (APVMA) Online Services Portal. This page cannot be edited. To change or update company details you will need to complete and submit the relevant form.

Nominated or authorised agent details

  • The text fields on this page will be prepopulated with information supplied when you registered on the APVMA's Online Services Portal. This information cannot be edited.
  • If any data on this page is incorrect you will need to complete a separate application, via the decision tree, to update your nominated or authorised agent details, before proceeding with the application.
  • Overseas applicants need to have made an application to have an Australian nominated agent prior to completing an online application.
  • To appoint or vary a nominated agent, you will need to submit a separate Item 8M application. This application must be completed through the decision tree. Select the option ‘apply to change identifying information for the holder or nominated agent’ from the list of applications in the decision tree and complete the application.

More information is available from the holders, nominated agents and authorised agent's webpage.

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