Submitting an application

Before submitting an application in the Online Services Portal, applicants need to ensure they have:

  • completed the application form and paid the minimum fee. Some applications will also include the option to pay the total fee upfront. All payment options will appear on the payment tab of the application
  • provided all supporting documentation using the information list. Any information being supplied separately needs to be provided to the APVMA within 7 days – including documentation being provided by third parties. If information is not submitted within 7 days, the application will be refused. Information submitted by third parties should reference the decision ID or the application number, if available
  • submitted the label particulars using the separate e-label form in the Online Services Portal, if required.
Ensure all supporting documentation is provided to the APVMA within 7 days of submitting the application.


The APVMA operates under a cost-recovery arrangement – fees apply to most applications.

  • The fee is different for each application item type.
  • Some applications include an option to pay the full fee upfront. Where this option is available, you can choose to pay the full fee or just pay the minimum fee.
  • The minimum fee is required to be paid at the time of submitting an application – the balance (remainder of the full fee) will be requested by the APVMA following preliminary assessment of the application. Applicants will be provided 28 days to pay the balance of fees and we will commence evaluation once the full fee has been received.
  • You are able to print a copy of your application invoice from the payment screen when completing your application.
  • Fees can be paid securely online by credit card. Use the payment tab in the top navigation bar in the Online Services Portal.


The declaration is completed by the applicant, nominated agent or authorised agent, stating that the application is accurate and complete. The person electronically signing the declaration is responsible for the application, which includes:

  • giving the APVMA permission to alter the application, if required
  • responding to APVMA requirements
  • giving the APVMA written notice to withdraw the application.

On the declaration page, you need to select who the APVMA should correspond with in relation to the application and authorise the APVMA to communicate electronically. If no authorisation is provided, correspondence will be posted to the address provided.

The holder of the registration or their nominated agent will be responsible for all post-registration matters.

See roles and responsibilities of holders, nominated agents and authorised agents for more information.

Note: It is an offence to provide false or misleading information to the APVMA. The provision of such information may result in prosecution, application refusal or suspension or cancellation of the related approval or registration.

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