Voluntary recalls

The voluntary recall of registered agvet chemical products may be proposed or undertaken by a manufacturer or supplier at any time for a variety of reasons. A voluntary recall should be considered as a risk mitigation activity. It may occur in response to an identified manufacturing quality or other issue related to specific batches of a chemical product.

The APVMA is now publishing details of voluntary recall notifications it receives, details of notifications will be shown below.

January 2018

Amgrow Australia Pty Ltd

Amgrow Australia Pty Ltd commenced a voluntary recall of the registered chemical product below: 

  • Tupersan WP Turf Herbicide (53714) Batch 34251 - manufactured 04/17

This voluntary recall is being conducted purely as a precautionary measure as a previous batch of the product Batch 34068 was suspected of being contaminated and causing phytotoxicity.  People in possession of the product concerned should direct any questions they may have regarding the voluntary recall to Amgrow Australia Pty Ltd.


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