Insect repellent clothing

Selling insect repellent clothing

The APVMA has identified numerous companies who are supplying or selling insect repellent clothing, including permethrin clothing, that is not APVMA registered.

All insect repellents used on people, animals and the environment require APVMA registration before they can be sold in Australia. This also applies to clothing impregnated or treated with insect repelling chemicals.

Insect repellent clothing that requires APVMA registration

Clothing marketed as ‘insect repelling’, including permethrin clothing, that requires APVMA registration can include hats, shirts, pants and socks.

Clothing marketed as ‘protective’ (other than clothing treated with a chemical) does not require APVMA registration. This can include hats with nets or corks, hair nets, and elastic bands worn around shirt cuffs to keep insects away from skin.

What you should do

The APVMA expects manufacturers, importers and suppliers to take action now to either apply for APVMA registration of their insect repellent clothing or cease supply of these unregistered products.

If you need to register your product, the APVMA can help you start the registration process and offers pre-application assistance. Please contact us with your enquiries by phone (02) 6210 4702 or email

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