APVMA Risk Assessment Manual, Environment

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Environmental risk assessment

The assessment of risk to the environment, like the assessment of risk to human health, is a three-step process. A Hazard Assessment determines how toxic a chemical is to non-target animals and plants an Exposure Assessment involves understanding what happens to a chemical once it enters the environment, and Risk Characterisation uses information from the first two steps combined to determine the overall level of risk.

This document intends to provide guidance on how to conduct a risk assessment for non-target species in the context of the review of pesticide and veterinary applications to the APVMA. The document is a working document, which will be updated to take on board scientific advances and expanded guidance as the necessity arises.

Appendix A, terrestrial vertebrates 

Appendix B, aquatic species

Appendix  C, bees

Appendix D, other non-target arthropods

Appendix E, soil organisms

Appendix F, non-target terrestrial plants

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