Licence fees

The application fees for manufacturing licences issued under section 122 of the Agvet Code are outlined below.

Activity Fee Maximum pre-application assistance rebate
New licence application submitted $900 Nil
Licence variation application submitted (applies for all partial audits for extension of licence scope). This fee covers assessment of the application and audit. $1,800 Nil

Annual fees

Annual fees cover the cost of:

  • monitoring the timely conduct and closure of all audits of Australian-based manufacturers
  • preparing pre-audit information for auditors
  • reviewing audit reports
  • addressing disputes
  • answering manufacturer queries
  • updating licences for routine changes 
  • initiating compliance enforcement action where necessary.

These activities are undertaken on behalf of all manufacturers and an audit of each manufacturer is conducted on a regular basis.

Licence category Annual fee
Category 1 licensed manufacturers $7,500
Multi-category licences (manufacturers who hold licences to manufacture category 2 and 3, category 2 and 4, category 2, 3, and 4 or category 3 and 4 products) $7,500
Single-category manufacturers (category 2, 3 or 4 products only) $5,000
Category 6 (single step) $1,800

Low-income manufacturers

Some low-income veterinary chemical product manufacturers may be eligible for reduced fees.

Licensed manufacturers producing products with a notional wholesale value of less than $50,000 in the previous financial year are eligible to apply for a 50 per cent reduction in fees. They must provide the APVMA with a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration to support the application.

Notional wholesale value, in relation to a chemical product, means the amount that the collecting agency determines would have been received:

  • if the product is an Australian product—by the manufacturer
  • if the product is an imported product—by the importer.
  • if the product had been sold by the manufacturer or importer wholesale to a person with whom the manufacturer or importer was dealing at arm’s length.
Manufacturer category Reduced fee
Single-category $2,500
Category 1 and multi-category $3,750
Category 6 $900

Overseas GMP compliance assessment fee

Registrants of veterinary chemical products fully or partially manufactured overseas are required to pay an annual overseas GMP compliance assessment fee for every overseas site used to manufacture those products.

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