Who can apply

View the quick reference guide to the roles and actions of holders, nominated and authorised agents and authorising parties.

Individuals and body corporate (holders)

Any individual or a body corporate can make an application for:

  • approval of an active constituent or label
  • registration of an agricultural or veterinary chemical product.

An applicant may either be an existing or prospective holder irrespective of whether or not they are in Australia. The person or body corporate who makes an application is referred to consistently as ‘the applicant’.

Where an application is granted, the person or body corporate to whom the approval or registration is issued will be referred to as ‘the holder’ of the approval or registration.

Holders who do not reside in Australia and who carry on business in Australia will be required to appoint an Australian ‘nominated agent’ as a condition of registration.

View information on nominated and authorised agents.

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