What to include in your application

You can apply for a certificate in writing or online through the APVMA portal. You will need to provide the name of the receiving country and establish what information that country requires for the purpose of importing the agvet chemical product. The certificate of export information to be provided with an application guideline provides further information on the common types of information that may be required by a foreign country to support an application for an export certificate.

The APVMA does not provide advice on the documentation requirements of other countries.

You should indicate the number of certificates and whether you require the certificate to go to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for a consular act to be performed in relation to it.

Application fees       

The standard fee is $125 for an individual certificate prepared by the APVMA. Should the certificate require us to undertake technical or scientific assessment, a further $105 for the assessment is payable.

Where subsequent certificates are applied for on the same day as the original certificate, there is no additional fee payable if the subsequent certificate(s) are the same in all aspects to the original except for the addressee, the destination country to which the chemical product will be exported, or the name of the authority of the destination country.

If in an application for a certificate an applicant requires us to take a certificate to the DFAT to perform a consular act in relation to it, the following further fees apply:

  • for signing and affixing a seal to the certificate: $80 per certificate
  • for preparing and issuing an Apostille certificate for the export certificate: $80 per certificate.

A $5 courier fee is also payable per certificate where an applicant requires us to take a certificate to DFAT to perform a consular act in relation to it.

The additional fee for DFAT services applies to each application even if several similar applications are received on the same day.

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