Section 167 of the Agvet Code lists a range of decisions we make relating to applications for a permit that are reviewable by the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT), including applications for an extension to a permit. Alternatively, you can seek internal review of any decision listed at section 167. The decisions made by us on application for permits that are eligible for AAT review or internal review include:

  • refusal to issue an application for a permit approval or to extend the duration of a permit, other than if the decision to refuse is a circumstance set out above
  • issuance of a permit subject to particular conditions or for a particular period only
  • refusal to waive or remit the whole or a part of a fee.

Internal review is also available for decisions made by us to refuse your application for a permit or an extension of the duration of an existing permit (except in preliminary assessment), where our decision was based only on a requirement made by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) on behalf of the coordinator or the application requirements set out under sections 8A(a) and 8A(b) of the Agvet Code not being met. These decisions are not subject to review by the AAT.

Application requirements set out under sections 8A(a) and 8A(b) of the Agvet Code include that your application must:    

  • be in writing in the approved form
  • be signed by you
  • be accompanied by so much of the prescribed fee as is required to be paid when your application is made
  • be lodged with the APVMA
  • contains, or will be accompanied by, any information specified for the application in the legislative instrument created by us under section 8B of the Agvet Code and
  • be compliant with or will comply with any relevant requirements prescribed by the Agvet Code Regulations for active constituents, chemical products or labels.
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