Before you apply for a permit

An application for a permit is required to be made through the APVMA portal. Supporting information, such as a dossier, can currently be provided separately in paper form.

The portal is an online system where holders and nominated agents can submit and check the status of their applications and transact with the APVMA in a secure environment.

We must consider certain matters in determining an application for a permit. For example, in determining an application for a permit to use a registered product on a minor crop species, we would consider whether the product would continue to meet the safety criteria, and whether there are reasonable grounds for not making an application to vary the registration or label approval in relation to the product. We would also consider whether the application meets the application requirements and the proposed holder of the permit can comply with the conditions imposed.

A permit approval cannot be varied, as that would affect the validity of the previous assessment. If you want to vary a permit approval, you must apply for a new permit. You will need to surrender the original permit before a new permit is approved.

About the application process

See how the permit application process works, from lodging to outcome.

Types of permits

Information on which type of permit you need to apply for.

Who can apply

Only certain people are eligible to apply for a permit. Learn more about who can apply.

Technical assessment

An applicant may apply for a technical assessment to make it easier to make an application later.

Timeframe and fees

Information on the timeframe and fees for permit applications.

Ability to comply with conditions

The APVMA will not issue a permit if we believe the applicant is unable to comply with permit conditions.

Your feedback will be submitted to the APVMA anonymously. If you require a response, please contact us.