Efficacy criteria

A chemical product meets the efficacy criteria if use of the product, in accordance with any instructions approved or to be approved by the APVMA, is or would be effective according to criteria determined by the APVMA by legislative instrument or contained in an established standard.

We must have regard to the following for the purposes of being satisfied as to whether a chemical product meets the efficacy criteria:

  1. whether any trials or laboratory experiments have been carried out to determine the efficacy of the product and, if so, the results of those trials or experiments
  2. any conditions to which its registration is, or would be, subject
  3. any relevant particulars that are, or would be, entered in the Register for the product
  4. whether the product conforms, or would conform, to any standard made for the product
  5. any matters prescribed by the Agvet Code Regulations.

However, we are required to have regard to the matters set out above only to the extent prescribed by the Agvet Code Regulations or, if no regulations exist, to the extent we consider relevant. 

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