Special Gazette, 3 September 2020


  • 2,4-D reconsideration final regulatory decisions—4
  • Brief reasons for 2,4-D reconsideration final regulatory decisions—4
  • Attachment 1: Approved 2,4-D active constituents—7
  • Attachment 2: 2,4-D registered products and associated label approvals that are to be varied and affirmed—8
  • Attachment 3: 2,4-D Registered home garden pesticide products containing 80 g 2,4-D/L as the DMA/DEA salt, 336 g/L mecoprop and 40 g/L dicamba (Group 22b products) and label approvals to be cancelled—19
  • Attachment 4: New required label elements for 2,4-D product labels—20
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