Compliance and Enforcement guidelines

Exemptions from certain offence provisions of the Agvet Code

The APVMA has the power to exempt substances, active constituents and chemical products, or certain activities.

Cancellation or suspension of a permit for noncompliance or prior convictions

Information about the grounds on which the APVMA can suspend or cancel a permit for noncompliance or prior convictions.

Cancellation or suspension of a registration or permit to prevent imminent risk

Information on the process and considerations involved in cancelling or suspending a registration or permit to prevent imminent risk.

Consent to import chemical products

Information on applying for import consent including information on the records you will need to keep.

Enforceable directions

Enforceable directions may be issued to a person, or other entity, who is believed not to be complying with the Agvet Code.

Enforceable undertakings

An enforceable undertaking is an alternative to prosecution for an alleged or actual non-compliance.

Formal warnings

The issue of a formal warning places a person on notice that we have identified an issue of concern and gives them an opportunity to take corrective action.

Infringement notices

Information on infringement notices and how they are issued and enforced.

Notices to attend, give information or produce documents or things

The APVMA can issue a notice to require a person to appear before an inspector to answer questions or provide information.

Stop supply or recall notices

Information about voluntary and compulsory recalls which can require any of a range of actions.

Substantiation notices

A substantiation notice requires you to provide information in relation to import, export, supply manufacture, efficacy and safety of the product or constituent.

Section 99 notices

To give information or documents about and analysis of substances supplied as active constituents or chemical products

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