The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) administers Australia’s agvet legislation and has a duty to not only manage potential risks, but also enforce compliance when required.

The legislation includes:

The legislation allows us, and in some cases compels us, to:

  • issue substantiation notices
  • issue formal warnings
  • enter into enforceable undertakings
  • issue enforceable directions
  • issue infringement notices
  • issue stop supply and recall notices
  • cancel or suspend permits for noncompliance or prior convictions
  • cancel or suspend permits to prevent imminent risk
  • issue a notice to attend, give information or produce documents or things
  • obtain and execute monitoring warrants
  • obtain and execute investigation warrants.

Formal warnings

A formal warning is issued when the APVMA has identified a suspected contravention of the Agvet Codes.

Substantiation notices

A substantiation notice requires you to provide information in relation to import, export, supply manufacture, efficacy and safety of the product or constituent.

Notice to attend, give information or produce documents or items

The APVMA can issue a notice to require a person to appear before an inspector to answer questions or provide information.

Enforceable Undertakings

An Enforceable Undertaking is an alternative to prosecution for an alleged or actual non-compliance.

Enforceable directions

Enforceable directions may be issued to a person or other entity who is believed not to be complying with the Agvet Code.

Infringement notice penalty amounts

A list of offences and infringement penalty amounts under the applicable legislation.

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