Information to be provided with applications for certificates of export

This guideline explains the information that may be required for the APVMA to issue a certificate for exporting agricultural and veterinary chemical products under section 69D of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Administration) Act 1992.

Information to be provided with an application

To expedite the processing of a request for certificate of export, we suggest you supply, as a minimum:

  • the product name
  • the registration number of the product (if applicable to the request)
  • the registration holder’s name and address details (if applicable to the request)
  • the name and manufacturing site address of the company that manufactures the product 
  • the APVMA manufacturer’s licence number (if applicable to the request)
  • the active constituents that appear on the label for the product
  • the full formulation of the product (if applicable to the request)
  • where the certificate request relates to an unregistered product, evidence of a valid export permit
  • the number of certificates required
  • whether Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) authentication is required
  • if DFAT authentication is required, the name(s) of the destination country or countries
  • the applicable fee (including the additional fee if multiple DFAT authentications are required).

We will evaluate certain aspects of the application for a Certificate of Export for an unregistered product or if additional or non-standard wording is required on a certificate.

If there are any differences between the information you have supplied and the information we hold, we will inform you and negotiate the type of Certificate of Export that might be provided based on the information. You may be required to supply further information before we will issue a certificate.

Occasionally, where the form of words needed on a certificate differs from the APVMA’s Register, it will be necessary to amend the information for a product before generating the certificate. In this case, an application for variation of registration  will be required. The application will have to be granted and the variation to registration made before the certificate can be issued.

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