The 'Pool Standard' and current FAISD Handbook statements

We have received enquiries from stakeholders about some discrepancies between the current first aid instructions and safety directions in the FAISD Handbook and the label particulars specified in the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code (Listed Chemical Product – Home Swimming Pool and Spa Products) Standard 2014 (‘Pool Standard’), in relation to registered products and new product applications. 

For registered products, holders are reminded that a notifiable variation may be submitted to update an approved label to reflect the current FAISD Handbook.

For new product applications, current statements may be included on the proposed product label if a suitable reference product with up-to-date FAISD statements can be found. For example, a proposed product that is closely similar to a registered reference product with updated FAISD statements on its label may be considered under an Item 7 application.

However, Item 9 applications must still include the FAISD statements set out in the Pool Standard. An Item 9 application is only suitable for the registration of a listed chemical product and approval of a product label where the product and label comply with an established standard that has been approved in accordance with section 8U of the Agvet Code.

After registration under an Item 9 application, applicants may then update the FAISD statements on the product label to the latest version of the FAISD Handbook, under a notifiable variation.

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