NSW spray drift pilot program

Modern product labels contain spray drift restraints, which may include mandatory buffer zones (also known as ‘no spray zones’). These are determined by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) using the maximum use rate, minimum droplet size and other application parameters and calculated using the Spray Drift Management Tool (SDMT). A pilot program has been established to provide NSW applicators with access to a modified version of the SDMT so applicators can input site-specific information and calculate reduced buffer zones applicable to their local conditions and application preferences.

The main objective of the pilot is to identify the extent to which the SDMT is of practical benefit to applicators as well as other potential benefits, such as reducing reliance on increasingly complex labels and increasing understanding of the relationship between application parameters and off-target drift.

The APVMA has issued a permit (PER91156) for the pilot for a limited range of products, primarily in cereal and fallow situations. The permit will be held by Grain Producers Australia (GPA) who will be the point of contact for anyone interested in participating in the pilot program.

Applicators participating in the pilot will be asked by GPA to complete a questionnaire that will help inform the wider rollout of the SDMT and the future development of spray drift policy in Australia.

More information about the permit and how you can participate in the pilot and access the modified version of the SDMT can be found on the GPA website.

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