Guidance on promotional and display packs – veterinary products

Promotional and display packs are defined as:

Outer packaging containing one or more registered products used to promote, display or protect the product(s) or a special deal for the retail purchaser in the form of a price discount, a free bonus pack or a gift.

They may also contain unregistered products or gifts. Generally, these packs are discarded prior to, or once a product is supplied or sold, except in the case of the pack being a reusable container such as an esky.

'Shipper' packs intended for the transport of the product, and discarded prior to retail display and purchase, are out of scope for this guideline.

Each product contained in the promotional pack must be individually labelled and packaged in accordance with the Agvet Code and Conditions of Registration.

Promotional and display packs must not contain the APVMA approval number.

The information from the label of each registered product must be easily accessible by the purchaser of a promotional pack and is given in Table 1.

Table 1: Information from included registered product(s) that must be accessible to a potential purchaser of a promotional pack

Minimum required information

Order of appearance on label

Signal heading appropriate to the most toxic product in the pack


Statement indicating the quantity, pack size and name of each of the registered products in the presentation or promotional pack


Active constituent statement, as it appears on the label, stated below the name of each product


For each product contained within:

  • statement of claims for use (at least in summary form)
  • name and contact details of the holder, formulator or distributor
  • safety directions1
  • first aid instructions1
  • storage instructions1

In upper case, the statement ‘READ LABEL(S) OF PRODUCT(S) IN THIS PACK BEFORE USE’


1 For packs that contain 2 or more registered products, repetition of safety directions, first aid and storage statements is not necessary if the directions are identical for each product.

This information can be made accessible by:

  • an unobstructed view of the relevant parts of the label(s)
  • wording provided on the promotional pack, and/or
  • easy access to the primary packaging of the registered products within the promotional pack prior to retail sale.

The packs may contain words such as Gift Pack, Starter Pack, Combination Pack or other suitable descriptive words.

The packs may also include:

  • information needed to meet the requirements of other regulators. For example, reference to the Safety Datasheet or Transport/Dangerous Goods information
  • other company-chosen statements, such as warranty statements, disclaimers regarding liability, logos such as drumMUSTER, and barcodes
  • other information that is not contrary to the label’s relevant particulars or the requirements of the Agvet Code and the Agvet Code Regulations.
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