Removable labels for small single-dose veterinary vaccines

Small single-dose veterinary vaccine products may be marketed with removable or part removable labels (as used for vaccination recording purposes) provided that the following criteria are met:

  • The products are only for use by veterinarians.
  • The labels are for vials of single-dose vaccines.
  • Label information clearly states that the removable label can only be removed after all contents have been used on the target animal (or otherwise disposed of).
  • Label information clearly states that the used vial/container must be disposed of via an authorised clinical waste repository.
  • The removable or part removable labels should, as a minimum, state the vaccine name, APVMA approval number, batch number and expiry date to enable traceback if there are complaints about the product.

Note that the immediate vial or container needs to be compliant with all the required label information as stipulated by the Veterinary Labelling Code. If you are unsure whether your removable label meets the criteria, please contact the APVMA.

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