Stakeholder engagement

We collaborate and liaise with a broad range of stakeholders to achieve our purpose and support the effective implementation of the National Registration Scheme. Our stakeholders include agvet industry members and representative bodies, government and regulatory partners, producers and representative bodies, the scientific community, consumers and the general public.

Client and Stakeholder Survey

We conduct surveys of our clients and stakeholders to determine the level of satisfaction with our performance and services. Our most recent client survey was conducted in early 2022 and provides insights into what is working well and helps us identify opportunities for improvement.

Stakeholder Engagement Framework

In September 2020 we published our Stakeholder Engagement Framework, which sets out our strategic approach to stakeholder consultation and collaboration for the 2020–23 period.

The Framework is intended to support the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to achieve our corporate strategies and guide our important work with stakeholders.

Enquiries about the APVMA’s Stakeholder Engagement Framework can be directed to

Major industry stakeholder forums

Forum Objective
APVMA Consultative Forum To consult with and involve industry stakeholders to ensure their issues and concerns are understood and considered and educate stakeholders on APVMA regulatory activities.
APVMA Agvet Users Forum Liaison and high-level discussion with agvet product user groups.
Cost Recovery Working Group To seek feedback and input from industry stakeholders on the APVMA’s cost recovery arrangements.

Your feedback will be submitted to the APVMA anonymously. If you require a response, please contact us.